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Talking Head 'videos are relatively inexpensive and are a very effective way of engaging with your viewers. Words are only a small part of communication with facial expression and body language being equally - if not more important. So if you want to really get your message across - why not tell them yourself! FROM £495.00   Using animated text and images is one of our latest ideas to try and meet the needs of those who want to have the benefits of an online video but only have a limited budget. This is a great way to grab the attention of your website visitors and even entertain them - whilst still getting over your important message. FROM £195.00
SCRIBBLING videos get your message across in a fun way
If you don't fancy being in front of the camera yourself, then why not use a professional presenter to introduce your company and get your message across. These are filmed against a green screen which allows you to have the presenter in front of a variety of virtual backgrounds including graphics, diagrams, product shots or an image of your office or factory. FROM £475.00   A style of video that is coming inceasingly popular is what is generally known as a 'doodle' or 'scribbling' 'video. This type of cartoon like video has the advantage of entertaining your viewer whilst getting your message across at the same time. FROM just £275.00 for up to two minutes of video is an offer you can't refuse! Vision4video - one of the best video production companies in Manchester and the North West!
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