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A professionally produced MUSIC VIDEO is the most effective way to showcase your talent or promote your new band Enquire today
Music videos come in many different styles and many different forms. You may want it to look like a live show or if you are a modern band you will probably want a video produced in one of the current styles. We’ll talk to you about your ideas and as long as we consider them to be viable, then we will produce it in the style that you want. Whether you are a soloist or a band and you want a ‘performance’ type of video, then we strongly recommend that you get the track recorded in a studio first and then play along to it on the video - just like they do on TV! This system will guarantees you CD quality audio and then we can put all of our concentration into the visuals.

YouTube and the internet has changed for ever the way we can get ourselves seen and heard. Anyone with a camcorder can now film you and the result can seen all across the planet within hours. But beware..... if you don’t to look or sound like amateurs, then you really do need to invest in a professionally produced music video.

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Whist a record companies, agents and managers will always want to see you perform live, a well produced promotional video is the most effective way to showcase yourself or your band and create that initial interest.

The benefits of having a high quality music video are immense. It helps show off your talent as an artist, gives a visual representation of your music and allows you to show off your other talents like stage presence and the visual appeal of your performance.

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Whilst we will consider all types of concerts, bands and cabaret promos, we will only undertake them if we feel we can do justice to the show or idea - and of course only if you have a viable budget. See Price List

We produce videos of concerts, choirs, classical performances, drama productions as well as dance instruction and dance show videos. Everything from classical to jazz - cabaret to grunge! The MUSIC SHOWREEL above will give you an idea of the kind of work that we produce.

One of the few video production companies Manchester can offer that really know about music!



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"If you don’t want to look or sound like an amateur... then
you need to have a professionally produced music video"
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