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A good quality
promotional WEB VIDEO will increase visitor engagment and influence their perception and behaviour Enquire today
There has been a massive increase in the
number of people watching online videos.
The evidence is indisputable. People really
do like watching web videos. Why? Because
video delivers an experience that engages
us in a way that static images and text can
never do. YouTube currently gets in excess
of 2 Billion views every day and is now
challenging Google as the number one
search engine on the internet. So when
potential customers land on your web site,
they’re going to increasingly expect to
see a video. Here at vision4video we
produce high quality web videos that will
attract, communicate and engage your
audience bring you all the benefits of
online video.
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It is widely accepted that video is the most powerful communication medium on the planet! The Youtube revolution proves that people just love watching online videos and so when they visit your website they are

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increasingly going to expect to see one. A well produced web video will tell your customers everything they need to know in a clear and persuasive way and they are likely to stay up to 70% longer on your website if there is a video.

People buy from people....

....preferably people, or a company that they know. So particularly if you are a small or medium size business, then video will put a face to your company, service or offer. It will give you that all important personal and friendly approach resulting in an increased feeling of trust and making people more likely to buy from you. A recent study indicates that online video is an essential key driver to effective social marketing and so it

should be a priority for all marketers. Why is video so important? 1) People like watching online videos. 2) People tend to share what they like and 3) Creating sharable content will help differentiate you from your competitors. Brands that create video clips for their specific audience are more likely to see success if videos are shared on social media sites.

Video will help your SEO

The leading search engines tend to give higher rankings to sites containing video in order to ensure that their searches deliver consistently mixed search results.

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